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It’s time for another cosplay interview, this time we meet Princess Jazz Cosplay! Princess Jazz Cosplay is our first cosplayer featured from sunny Australia. Let’s find out some more about Princess Jazz Cosplay.

1) How did you get into cosplaying?

I kind of fell into cosplaying. I’ve studied textiles and dressmaking previously. When I went to uni for my nursing/paramedics degree they had a Heroes and Villains night and for the hell of it, I made Jill Valentine (STARS) from Resident Evil for it. Made everything, (even the gun). A couple of weeks later was a major Convention in Australia so I decided to go with a girlfriend wearing the same costumes we had made for the party.


2) Where do you get your inspiration and ideas to cosplay from? Is it from programs you watch now or childhood programs or both?

Primarily comics. I’m a giant geek, and I love DC more than anything (except maybe Star Trek) so a lot of the cosplays I want to do come from the pages of DC’s library.

3) How do you put your outfits together are they 100% from scratch and if so what’s been your trickiest part to date?

Honestly, not enough time. I have a bad habit of making my costumes days (and in some cases hours) before an event. My workload doesn’t give me a lot of free time, and when it does, I tend to play videogames instead of sew. So simply putting them together before I’m supposed to leave is the trickiest part.

4) What’s your favourite cosplay to date?

My DC Arkham Knight Harley Quinn. It was probably the most popular costume I’ve done so far, and its most definitely the one I’ve had the most photos of. It gets a lot of attention and I love being silly for a few hours.


5) If you’ve cosplayed at a convention what was the experience like?

A little overwhelming at times, but you quickly realise that you’re a part of a giant community and then it becomes awesome. (it doesn’t help to have a fiancé who knows practically everyone).

6) Can we expect to see you at any conventions this year?

OZ Comic-Con Sydney and Gamma.Con in Canberra are confirmed at the moment. Due to my workload, I can’t commit to cons that far in advance.

7) If you could cosplay as anyone and budget wasn’t an issue who would it be?

Its not so much time or money but confidence, but I’ve always wanted to do my namesake Princess Jasmine, or Slave Leia, but not quite there yet to do them.

8) Do you have any words of advice for up and coming cosplayers?

Just do it, you aren’t alone, we are all one big community, and you will find people who have the same interests as you. Likes don’t mean anything, it all depends on how much fun YOU have.


9) Where can we find you online?

There you go readers Princess Jazz Cosplay! Don’t be shy go say hi and say ‘Skatronixxx sent me!’

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